August 27, 2009

Wedding Planning

My little sister's getting married! I just got my invitation in the mail today, and I'm completely taken by it's simple beauty. My favorite part of the whole package is that the stamp on the reply envelope matches the color scheme perfectly. I hadn't seen these queen of hearts stamps before, but now I want to run out and get some!

Another tiny detail that I love is the option to request a vegetarian meal for the reception. I haven't been to many weddings, but I do know the stress of finding something to eat at a plated dinner when you can't eat the main dish. My sister and brother-in-law-to-be were very concerned about the food being good at their celebration, so I'm sure either option will be good.

Sean and I are etching corked bottles (made from recycled glass!) as favors for their guests, with a cute heart musical note design that the groom drew up. They look weird in this picture because they're halfway done--the stencil has been applied, the bottle has been masked, but they haven't been sandblasted yet. I think they're going to fill them with red candies before setting them on the tables. So fun!


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