May 30, 2008

Just trust me on this one

While searching for good a capella versions of Phil Collins songs the other night, (never thought I'd say that, now did you?) I came across this amazing beatbox rendition of "In the Air Tonight" performed by Naturally7 on a Paris subway car.

Not only have Naturally7 made the song their own, but it's just cool that they can perform live in such cramped conditions and make white ladies rock out. I wish I had been one of those white ladies (with better hair, maybe).

The band also has a professional video of their version of the song here with links to their website.

Another great a capella version of "In the Air Tonight" is here, performed by The Exboyfriends, who just broke up in April.


May 28, 2008

Virtual bookshelves are spacesavers

I'm one of those people who multi-tasks as a way of life. My job involves wearing earplugs (to block the high-pitched harmonics from my drill on glass), but that doesn't mean I can't listen to audio books at the same time! It just means I have the volume cranked way up on a pair of big ol' headphones. (They're actually the $1 headphones you can buy from Jetblue when you fly with them! Sound quality doesn't matter much when you're just listening to someone read.)

To organize all my reading (and listening) material, I joined the Goodreads website. They let you add books to your virtual bookshelves so you can review what you've read and keep track of your book list for the future.

There are also groups for book discussions, and a community to keep up with your friends' reading. I've found the discussions and reviews mightily helpful when trying to pick new books to read, and I actually love the friend feed where I can read my friend's reviews as they write them.

Goodreads also has some fun widgets to add to your blog (as you can see), so you can share your literary cred with the world!


May 26, 2008

At least MY yarn stash hasn't come to life

This music video makes music videos look cool again! It inspires me to create my own stop-motion animations, as well as knit nonfunctional sculptures. Hmmm....

There's also a making of the video on this blog, which is interesting to see even if you don't care about yarn.


May 23, 2008

Srsly Unfashionable


I don't care how comfortable those things are, they are an abomination! (Unless, maybe, you're wearing them for some kind of medical reason, or for gardening, or in the privacy of your own home.)

When will this fashion travesty END?!?

Oh yeah, and you should check out the funny captioned cat pictures over at I Can Has Cheezburger. If you're unfamiliar with the internet meme of lolcats (sometimes called "cat macros"), then you should click over there right away and familiarize yourself immediately!

photo courtesy of


May 22, 2008

Pop Waffle

This cute video by Pop Waffle is like watching an animated zine! They have lots of other pop culture commentary videos on YouTube here. I especially love their logo!

This one is Pop Waffle Vol. 14: The Myspace Generation Votes.


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