August 24, 2009

Is packaging enough?

I've been cooking up new time-saving methods of packaging our orders, since I don't want to get swamped this holiday season due to our inefficiency. I'm eliminating tasks that take too much time to do by hand (like rubber stamping thank you cards), and replacing them with professional alternatives that I can make in larger quantities.

Back when I started my business, I relished making all the little things that went along with my products that told a story about me, as an artist. I loved all the hands-on crafty things I got to make as thank you's and packaging for my items. Now, I find myself dreading the need to devote entire days to rubber stamping or signing my name on everything.

Is it important to see my initials on each product to give it that handmade edge? Or do you appreciate all the time and effort I've already put into each item, and wouldn't notice those little letters on the bottom anyway?

I'm creating tags and inserts to go with every single product, telling a little story about how it's made by a real person. It's not like initialing and dating the glasses takes that long, but it's still a big process that's been eating into every day, and I've grown to resent it.

With all the other branding that goes along with each item, are a few letters and numbers worth this much to you? I'd love to hear your opinion! Leave a comment here, or vote in the poll at the top right of the page. Thank you!!


Brett & Shrie August 24, 2009 at 3:44 PM  

I personally think it's amazing to have something with your handwriting on it. I understand the time-consciousness... but if you're selling on Etsy isn't that what your customers want?

I love your stuff either way, as is telling by my purchases!

jess August 24, 2009 at 6:59 PM  

I'll have to admit, we love the personal touch of your initials and the date. In fact, we just used a couple of the glasses tonight with our supper, and we were looking through the bottom when we finished and discussing when we bought them from you (since the year was right on there) and how much we loved the glasses and other items we've purchased from your shop.

I can definitely understand how time consuming it must be, though, and would understand if you eliminated this "time-suck" from your work. We'd still love everything we have, but I know I for one would miss that small but smile-inducing touch.

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