August 10, 2009

Skeletal Dropkick Mugs

Remember when we went to Renegade Craft in San Fransisco all those weekends ago? I know, I haven't talked about it much. Well, one of my favorite things from the event was picking up some handmade pottery mugs from Skeletal Dropkick!

The first time I discovered these awesome skull creations was when SD were the featured sellers on Etsy. It's so great to finally meet an artist in person and be able to touch and hold their wares for the first time, especially if you've been secretly admiring them online for a really long time. I loved hearing the story behind how this mug shape came into being, and learning a bit about the firing and glazing process.

I love that these mugs are like the big and little brother of caffeinated pleasures. I had a tough time choosing between these and all the other monster jars, bowls, and teapots that were available. I guess I'll just have to add to my collection over time.

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