April 3, 2009

New jewelry is here!

I just started listing jewelry items from our new fused glass line in our Etsy shop! I'm adding items slowly so they don't overload the other products in the shop, but I'm happy to create a listing for anything you see in our Flickr photos (if it's available). Just email me!

The new items are selling at an introductory price while we get some feedback, so now's the best time for a bargain! We've also marked down all the older pendant styles to just $15.

I'll be bringing everything that isn't listed online with me to Crafty Wonderland on Sunday, so if you're in Portland, partaking in the Handmade Nation extravaganza known as "craftgasm", then stop by the Doug Fir Lounge on E Burnside to see our new stuff.


Funkybella April 4, 2009 at 1:08 PM  

Ooh, these are very cool!

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