April 24, 2009

Happy Etsy Day!

Today is officially Etsy Day, so I thought I'd share a small sampling of shops from my favorites. Who are your favorite Etsy sellers that you've bought from, or have always wanted to buy from?

[The Risk I Took Was Calculated, But Man, Am I Bad At Math - 8 x 10 ART PRINT]
the Mincing Mockingbird
These guys have beautiful paintings of birds. They used to have lots of funny comments printed on each one (as if the birds were yelling something snarky), but they seem to have switched over to simple realist paintings which are still lovely.

[Morpho Butterfly Landing Ring]
This shop makes amazing jewelry from real butterflies! No insects were harmed in the making of their unique pieces, since they're found dead. I think this makes them incredible recycling artists.

[SALE Ride the Fox]
She Rides the Lion
I'm a big fan of these whimsical wood block prints. You can purchase original art or prints from this shop.
[Do Not Touch Maternity Tee]
Salmon Street Studio
Sean and I have a few of Salmon Street's t-shirts, and we love them! If I ever find myself "in the family way", I'm snatching up one of these porcupine maternity tees before you can say "ouch".

[Franz Kafka Parable Vladmaster Set]
This awesome gal takes 3D photos and turns them into little stories that you can view on an old school Viewmaster (remember those??). I bought one of these sets for my friends last year, and it even came with a mini CD of music that you're supposed to listen to while viewing the images. Love it.


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