April 6, 2009

Craftgasm Weekend

I had such a fabulous weekend, I can't believe it's over! On Saturday, I went with my friend, Adrienne, to the second day of the Handmade Nation movie premiere here in Portland. Before the film, we got brunch with Twitter friends Heather Mann of CROQ Zine (and her 2 adorable boys,) and Melissa (aka KnitFemme). It was great for me to finally put some faces and voices to the people that I virtually chat with all the time!

We stayed for the panel discussion after the movie with filmmaker Faythe Levine, and other crafty celebs Betsy Greer, Susan Beal, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Jill Bliss and Garth Johnson. It was refreshing to hear their views on the current DIY crafts movement, and to hear about their own backgrounds.

While we were at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, and I completely fell in love with Mandy Greer's exhibit of mossy green dripping chandalier-like fiber/bead/buttony yumminess. I can't really describe it better than that, but I want some!

Sunday was spent vending at Crafty Wonderland, which was packed with people all day! It was really encouraging to kick off the month with some good sales and lots of positive feedback about the new jewelry line. I got rid of some seconds that have been taking up space in the studio, and I got the message (loud and clear!) that you guys really want to see some Astronaut Love designs. They're on their way!

I picked up a copy of the Handmade Nation book and got it autographed by Faythe Levine and a whole bunch of other people who had a hand in the making of the book and film. I sort of wanted to pass it around "yearbook syle" and have all the Crafty Wonderland vendors sign it, since it felt like such a magical day. I also traded for a pair of earrings by Giant Jewels. I'm trying to decide if I should give them as a gift to someone, or keep them for myself!

[The first 3 photos are by the amazing Lee Meredith. You can see more of her photos of this weekend here. The 4th photo is by me--it's of my awesome friend, Autumn Drey of Autumn Comfort Candles. Check out our collaborative etched wine bottle candles on the top right!]


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