February 16, 2009

Available at UrbanOutfitters.com!

W00t! Someone on Etsy just pointed out that my glasses are now listed on the Urban Outfitter's website. Wow! I hope they sell a lot of these, since I only get paid when they have to restock (and their initial order was kinda small). At only $10 each, they're a total bargain though!

The only tiny problems I found with the online listing are that they photographed an older version of the glasses, which has the mustache placement about 1/2 inch too low (because I'm totally anal), and the logo on the bottom of the glasses (which you can just barely see in the photos) is black instead of white. Also, the description says the design is engraved into the glass, which isn't the case with these licensed ones--they're actually a simulated-etched-looking decal which is permanent and dishwasher-safe.

But, y'know. I like to nit-pick.

[If you want to buy my actual honest-to-goodness etched versions of these on pint glasses, you know where to get them.]


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