February 27, 2009

The Adventures of Duane and Brando

[This video contains lots of F-Bombs. Don't watch it if you are sensitive to that kind of thing. Also, it's kind of long, but full of AWESOME.]

I like video games. I don't play all that many of them, and I'm usually content to play the same game multiple times. I've learned that I'm kinda picky about the type of game that I enjoy though. I like puzzle games, and hack-and-slash senseless violence types of games. Not so much one-on-one "fighting games", although Dead or Alive is pretty fun. Graphics don't really matter at all. I like Mario World, Zelda, Fable and the X-men games.

I've recently gotten sucked into the world of Ninja Gaiden (for Xbox), and I've been obsessively playing it every day. What could possibly be more fun than fighting evil ninjas and monstrous fiends with sword-chucks (*ahem* I mean, the "Vigoorian Flail"). I die a lot, but that just makes it more satisfying when I win.

I just discovered The Adventures of Duane and Brando, a pair of guys who rap about classic video games, over top of the game's soundtrack. I do love me some video game music, so this was a pairing I couldn't pass up! I really wanted to share their Ninja Gaiden video, but YouTube wouldn't let me embed it here, so hop over to their Myspace page to see it and other videos and songs about Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and more!

Laughing Squid has a post with other nerdcore rappers with video game themed music videos.


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