May 19, 2009

Updates, Trademarks, and trying to keep up

Sean and I had a great time at the Alberta Art Hop on Saturday! We got to sit out in the sun and warm weather, relaxing and talking to friends and customers. What a great time! Check out my friend Lea's blog for some great pictures of the event. Scroll down to see her fantastic friend John with one of my mustache pint glasses!!

When I got home from the Art Hop, I discovered I had two new things. One was a nasty head cold that is still making life unpleasant, but the second thing was my official paperwork for my trademark filing for Bread and Badger®. *squeal!* See that? I get to use the ® symbol now! I'm going to be updating my website and everything else I can think of now.

I'm still working on this Press Release tutorial, and I'm hoping to have it available online by the end of the week, or at least by the end of the month (since I need some people to proof-read it for me first). Stay tuned for more info on how to win a free copy!

I loved getting feedback from everyone about how to sell my new "chiclet" fused glass jewelry pieces, and I'll be taking photos of them today. We have better earwires now (sterling silver kidney wires that close in the backs so they won't fall out!), bobby pins, and mini pendants. Expect to see them in our Etsy shop this week!


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