May 19, 2009

Advertise with us!

Some of you have noticed the little ad boxes I put up on the right-hand sidebar recently, and you're already bidding on the space through Project Wonderful. Yay! Thank you.

I just wanted to say that the decision to put ads on the site was a pretty tough one. I never wanted my blog to feel commercial, or have annoying distractions all over the place. I started this blog to share my interests with other people, and to have a little discussion place for the business stuff that Bread and Badger is always doing. I value my readers' opinions, and if you guys feel like the ads are a bad idea, then I'll be happy to remove them.

With that said, I'd like to say that I think the Project Wonderful ads are a cool way for me to promote (and learn about!) other artisans. I don't set the prices of the boxes, since they're on a first-come-first-served auction basis and you set your own prices. As I'm writing this, the ad box sits at $0, so those lovely folks are getting to advertise for free. How cool is that? :)

If you'd like to place a bid on one or both of the ad boxes, just click the link at the bottom that says "your ad here, right now" and they'll walk you through it. You'll need a Project Wonderful account, and an image that is 125 px by 125 px (I'm not accepting animated ads at this time). I strongly recommend bidding on at least a week at a time, since your ad could get bumped off in the first few moments that it shows up if someone out-bids you, but it could come back on the site later in the week as other's bids expire.

Also, I'm approving each ad individually to make sure I don't get anything innapropriate, and it may take a few hours for me to approve your bid. A lot of people are only bidding on a few hours of time, and never showing up on the site because it's expired by the time I see your bid. Remember that advertising is only effective with repetition, so try bidding on a larger chunk of time if you want people to see your ad.

[The photo above is from the Portland Farmers Market from two weekends ago. It was so sunny and beautiful!]


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