May 12, 2009

Now Available...

We just found out that we've been accepted into the Renegade Craft Fair in San Fransisco this July!! This will be our second drive down the coast, since we'll also be at the Bazaar Bizarre at the Maker Fair at the end of May.

If you're not on the west coast, you can look for our glassware at the upcoming Female Art Collective shop in Louisville, KY. This is going to be a great artist collection (plus, one of the founding members has fantastic jewelry), and our first account in the south. If you're in their area, you should go to their launch party--there will be cupcakes! (Click the image below to read the details.)

Thanks to everyone who's voted on the poll for our new chiclet glass accessories! You can vote for more than one product (in the poll on the right sidebar), to give us an idea what you'd like to see us make. We love your feedback!

Visit these webpages for more info on our upcoming events, or see our Where to Buy page for other shops and events:


Cherry Tart Design May 12, 2009 at 2:48 PM  

Congratulations! I've never been to the west coast but I would love to visit someday.

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