March 4, 2009

Before & After

I just spent the past few days reorganizing the apartment. We decided to swap our bedroom and home studio (for space-issues and neighbor-noise-issues), which allowed me to get a bunch of industrial shelving units for all my stuff! These shelves are $55 apiece at Home Depot, and so completely worth it. They hold up to 2,000 lbs. and are completely adjustable. I only needed a rubber mallet to put them together. So. Awesome.

I posted lots more photos on Flickr and added personal notes about my stuff (in case you care about my stuff? I don't know. It was fun to do.).

I don't know if you can tell how completely awesome this transformation is, but you'll just have to believe me. I actually enjoy spending time working at home now! Packing and shipping is much more efficient. And above all, the cat approves.

Maybe this will inspire your own spring cleaning or reorganization! Don't be afraid to get some really nice shelves.


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