December 11, 2008

Trunk Show at my House?

Sean and I spent the entire day writing up orders (I hadn't had time to check my email in two days) and packing up what we could. I brought 40 packages to the post office an hour ago, and we have about 40 more to pack up still. Plus the orders we've gotten during the day that I haven't had time to look at. But we're finally catching up!!

I've never heard of Uncrate, but apparently, a lot of other folks have. I was featured in their gift guide yesterday, and it brought about 1000 more people to my website than usual! Orders have been insane, and we're just praying that we can get everything out in time for Christmas.

Tomorrow is my last day for ordering by Christmas, so after that we'll just be makin' and shippin' what we can. Orders after tomorrow may not get shipped out until after Christmas, which I know will be a bummer for some people.

I'm thinking of hosting a trunk show for friends of mine in PDX to stop by my house to shop, have a snack and relax. This would happen on the 19th or later, so we'll have time to make stuff after our last craft fair of the year (Crafty Wonderland!). If you'd be intersted in coming to something like that, let me know in the comments or through email, so I can organize it! I talked to Michelle today, and she thought maybe it would be cool to do a multi-artisan trunk show, right before the holiday, so we locals can get some last-minute shopping done. Anyone interested?


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