December 21, 2008

Snow Days

So, my car is an ice cube. It's covered in ice, and I don't think I'll be getting into it any time soon. Not that its little tires could drive on this hard-packed snow-topped-with-ice anyway, but I'm just saying.

This means that we can't get to the post office to mail the international packages that are waiting to go out, and it means we can't get to the studio to make anything. We're also out of newspaper again (even after I bought lots of unused newsprint), so we're running out of ways to pack boxes up. What a nightmare!

The good news is that things have slowed down just enough that we were able to finally clean our house, buy groceries (before the ice happened) and put up our Christmas tree! We're getting a little breathing time, which was very long overdue. I think Sean and I were each putting in about 80 hours a week, and we hadn't had a day off since the beginning of November.

I feel bad that so many people are looking for expedited shipping right now to get things by Christmas, but we're just not able to offer it. I have to break this bad news multiple times a day, and I'm starting to feel anxiety about checking my email! Hopefully, our car will thaw out, we'll get more glasses made, and things will become a little more normal after the 25th.


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