December 22, 2008

Holiday Goodness

I had a few spare moments this week between making glasses and packing them, and I finally got to put up our Christmas tree! This tree belonged to my Nana and Papa, and I'm thrilled to have it now.

One of my favorite things about this tree is that it comes apart in three sections. Whenever I live in an apartment without enough room for the full tree, I just put together to top two sections and sit it on a side table!

I do really miss the smell of a live tree, which we always had at home when I was growing up. I have a really nice candle that smells like pine, which I burn every night that the tree is up. I also made cinnamon ornaments a year or two ago, which I have on the tree and in a dish next to the candle. It's great!

This is our first holiday with our own cat, and Rupert is having a blast! I was worried he'd try to eat the fake tree, since he loves to gnaw on all things plastic. So far, he's been really good, and only attacked the ornaments once. You can see more great pics of Rupert, the tree, and our other busy stuff on our Flickr site.


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