June 27, 2008


I had a great afternoon at tea time with fellow-Etsy team members, Leah, Lea and newbie Jonathan. It was a great day to spend in Laurelhurst Park, talking shop and drinking tea!

Jonathan just opened his Etsy shop, Poecreate, to sell his gorgeous lampworked glass focal beads. He took some model shots of his beads in action on Lea and myself, so you may catch a glimpse of us in some of his listings! You may even see me in person wearing a beautiful barrel bead of his in my favorite greens. Check back in his shop soon for heart focals and the ever-creative-and-artistic "balls" pendants! They reminded me of Truck Balls, only prettier.

If you're looking for some hot shopping action from some of your favorite Portland-area Etsy sellers, meet us this Saturday at the PDX Art and Craft Show next to the PSU Farmer's Market!! Bread and Badger will be there, debuting our Flight of the Conchords portrait vase, which is so new, it isn't even finished yet. ;)

PDX Art & Craft Show

featuring members of the PDX Etsy Street Team

Saturday June 28
South Park Blocks at PSU

There will be many great local creators selling such things as handmade soap, lovely handcrafted jewelry and art. The Portland Farmers Market is just to the North so you can buy local food as well! PDX Etsy will donate some money to our sponsor, the PSU Women's Studies Department.

(show info section courtesy of Salmon Street Studio)


LeaKarts June 29, 2008 at 3:03 PM  

I LOVE that pink & green bead! I can't wait to see more stuff in Jonathan's shop, and hopefully he'll join us for tea again, too :)

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