June 6, 2008


One thing that will never go out of fashion is mix tapes. Even as technology advances, we still all feel connected to those cute little plastic packages of love that took so long to make. (Check out BraveMoonman's shop for some amazing mixtape-inspired goods!!)

One website I've been in love with recently is Muxtape.com. This is one of those sites that I'd been hearing about on Twitter and around the blogosphere for a while before I ever bothered to check it out.

You basically create a free account, then you upload mp3's to their site and create an online mixtape! You can share the url for your mixtape with friends, and they can listen to all your songs (or buy them, although I haven't tried that yet, so I don't know who you're actually buying from).

One thing that's both charming and frustrating is the layout of the site. It's very "no-frills" which makes it feel old-school and fun, but also a little annoying to use. You can only upload one song at a time, and it automatically saves them in the reverse order of how you upload them. You can drag-and-drop to rearrange the order of the songs, but I found this to be glichy. It often didn't save all the changes I'd made, even though it appeared to.

It's still a super cool site! The front page appears to have the most recently created mixes available for browsing. There's no organization or searching, unfortunately, but I've found some really cool new songs on there just by clicking randomly.

You can listen to my muxtape here: http://breadandbadger.muxtape.com
(Please note that my Muxtape songs are not G-rated and contain obscene language.) Let me know what you think, and post your muxtape urls so I can listen to them, too!


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