July 16, 2009

Tea Time with Anda from Etsy

A few folks from Etsy.com are traveling around the west coast, visiting some of the street teams between Renegade Craft Fair events. We were lucky enough to have Anda (who does the social networking and webgraphics for Etsy--if you follow Etsy on Twitter, you've been reading her tweets!) stop in for Tea Time in Laurelhurst Park!

It was a beautiful day to be in the park, and I loved getting to see some of my crafty friends. We need to hang out more often! I also got to knit a few more rows on the banana silk scarf I'm working on.

From the left are Ryan (littleputbooks), Lea (leakarts), Leah (leahpellegrini), Aimee, Danielle (misspurl), Judi (curlygirlglass), Kirsten (piperewan), and Anda.


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