July 26, 2009

Martha Stewart in 1985

I'm always asking my neighbors to bring over their old newspaper for me to use as packing material for my boxes that I ship out, and one friend just gave me an unexpected surprise. In a big box of newspaper (some of which dated back to Mother's Day), was a paper bag stuffed with yellowing copies of the Oregonian from 1985. That's right, this newspaper is the same age as my sister who's getting married.

I just discovered the bag of antique papers tonight. Holy Mother of all things Retro. I feel guilty packing my glasses with these pieces of history, especially when they contain pictures of a young Martha Stewart, features on a "Sportsman's Thanksgiving" (a "celebration of a harvest of field and stream" with recipes for pheasant, duck, venison, and salmon), an op-ed article whining about hooking up a touch-tone phone, an informative piece on "Salsa, Mexican Ketchup", and breaking news about the trend of wine coolers.

I might just have to hang on to these relics for a time. At least until I can make the pheasant recipe that calls for Krusteaz pancake mix and a package of bacon.

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