November 16, 2009

New kitten!

We adopted a new kitten! Somehow, I thought that having a second little ball of fuzz and claws would help us be more productive during this busy time of year. Really, the point was to occupy our other cat, Rupert, who's almost 2 yrs. old now. He hates playing by himself, and insists that we entertain him constantly.

We picked this little muffin-face up at the Humane Society a few days ago, after a thorough screening to make sure she'd have the energy to keep up with Rupert and wouldn't be afraid of him. We named her Triana, and she's a dainty little thing at 3 months old.

The two of them are pretty fascinated by each other, and are getting along fantastically. They chase each other, play with shoelaces together, and Rupert likes to lick Triana's head. She's already a lap cat, preferring to sit in someone's lap to anywhere else in the house. We're getting a lot of work done, I swear.


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