November 10, 2009


We've now reached that point in the year when Sean and I are completely incapable of cooking, washing dishes, laundry, or ourselves. So it's a good thing we had our housewarming party a few weeks ago, back when we had time to vacuum the kitchen carpet.

I don't think we've ever had that many friends over at the same time before! It's such a great feeling to have the space for kids to run around in, and adults to talk or sit or eat food, or whatever adults want to do. We had a fabulous evening, and can't wait to have another gathering. Thanks to everyone who made it, and super huge thanks for all the gifts. We loved your company, but fancy food, beverages and thoughtful home decor were extra appreciated.

The psychedelic clock is an Eye Pop Art original, hand-painted by our friend, Christine, on a recycled vinyl record. We keep changing our minds about which room of the house it should stay in, since we want one in every room! I love that the copper paint is metallic, and gives an unexpected shine when you're walking past it.

Mary of Lolly-tots gave us some prints of her newest artwork, which have taken up residence next to the seagreen glass hen on a nest that I discovered at a thrift store as we were painting the house. Our plans are still in the works, but Mary and I are working on collaborating this spring on a new project! Stay tuned for more details...


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