June 13, 2009

Plush Raffle Loot

I was one of the very lucky raffle winners at the Bazaar Bizarre this year, and I got a box full of designer plushies! These little guys are so soft and cute, I can barely stand it!

There were three adorable creatures from Woolly Hoodwinks (I got Junco, Ludic and Reddy), plus a set of 1" buttons and postcards with the little lovelies. (Did you know that the Woolly Hoodwinks even have their own book?!)

I also got a Ninja, Bearded Lady and Gnome by Sweet and Sour Goodies. Previously, I'd thought the Ninja was my favorite Sweet and Sour doll, but that Bearded Lady has totally won me over.

I'm going to send out all 6 postcards to some lucky Twitter followers of mine, and save these fuzzies for gifts, if I can bear to part with them!

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