June 22, 2009

New Stuff at Magpie in Davis Sq.!

One of the very first stores we ever sold to was Magpie in Somerville, MA--back when they were in their old location. They carry a host of fabulous handcrafted goods, from all over the country. They have a special focus on local artists, and I was completely honored to be represented there.

Since we moved across the country last year, I haven't sent anything new to Magpie until today! Totally Awesome Alison from The Sampler is the new buyer for Magpie, and she placed a great big order of new pint glasses, shot glasses and ceramic mugs from us. They should be arriving on the Monday, if my Fedex tracking is correct.

Rupert had a fun time playing with the (recycled) styrofoam peanuts before everything was packed up. He was too timid to jump down into the "ball pit" of a box. I'm a little glad of that, since I think he would have gotten lost in there. It was a massive box.

The top photo is of the little cup inserts I make to go inside our glasses when they're in stores. (I sort of forgot to send some to the local shops I have things at--oops!! I'll be sending them soon.) Each one has a little story about how the product was made, and I have them in cheery red and turquoise. My favorite color combo right now!


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