June 15, 2009

Banana Ginger Candy

Sean and I really like shopping at a variety of supermarkets. The most fun is by far the local Asian grocery store, Fubonn. We go there for curry and Pad Thai ingredients, cheap meat and produce, awesome soy sauce, and at least one thing we've never had before.

The last item is usually from the candy aisle, and it's not always a winner. Once, we got icing-coated cookies that looked like cruller donuts, but turned out to be jaw-breakingly hard and stale. Not everything is that bad though. We've really enjoy the sesame and peanut candies, which are similar to peanut brittle.

Recently, we discovered banana ginger candy, which wasn't quite what we expected, but I totally love it! These little rectangles of sesame numminess look like they're going to be crispy (like the brittle), but they're actually soft and chewie. The banana appears to be the binder that holds little chunks of ginger, peanuts and sesame seeds together. It's not too sweet, and it's incredibly satisfying. I highly recommend it!

Next, we'd like to try the candied squid in a bag.


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