September 10, 2008

Is it that late already?

Whoah! I just realized it's after midnight, and I haven't written anything for today yet! Oops. I was so busy today getting a much-needed haircut, and finishing up some really important copyright paperwork (which I will spend all morning printing out--there's over 25 pages!) that I completely forgot to write about some amazing Portland artists that I was meaning to feature.

The good news is that I now have my own artist's studio in the Watershed Building, which is not only close to my house, but also has some amazing views of the city, the river and Mt. Hood! I caught a glorious sunset on my way home the other night. The only thing in the space so far is a couple bags of packing peanuts, but I'm gearing up for some big supply orders that I can receive there! Hopefully, I'll have some shiny new equipment over there too, so I can make something pretty with all the supplies. ;)

If you're considering starting your own business (or finally getting around to declaring the one you have) may I recommend that you just start off as an LLC from the get-go, instead of filing as a Sole Proprietor and then having to cancel everything (including bank accounts!) and starting all over again with lots of phone calls being made, paperwork to fill out, fees to pay and many hours lost. It all made sense at the time, but since I just moved, I've already had to fill out the Sole Proprietor paperwork in two states, and now I just did it all again as an LLC! Oh well, it's been a learning experience.

The sketch above is of a guinea pig, which I'm working on for a customer. Whaddya think? I'm happy that I still get to work on fun projects like this, even amidst all the turmoil. Did you know that guinea pig is commonly served up for dinner in places like Peru?


LeaKarts September 12, 2008 at 1:37 PM  

The guinea pig is so cute! Congrats on your new studio--I can't wait for the day when I can get one outside my apartment, too :)

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