September 15, 2008

Crude Things

Since moving to Portland, I've been getting my hair cut at Do! Rad Cuts and Color. They're close to my house, have comic book heroines on their signage, and their stylists know exactly what I'm asking for in a cut. What more could a girl ask for?

Actually, having something nice on the walls to look at while sitting in the chair would be nice. They've got that too!
Multi-talented doesn't even begin to describe Lana Guerra, one of the hair stylists at Do!, whose paintings and wigs are also on display around the shop. Lana's paintings often involve candy-colored nude monster-people who never seem to have the correct number of body parts. There's glitter and fuzzy fabric arranged within her collage-style paintings, giving them a sort of deranged-little-girl's-bedroom feel. They're strange and dark and creepy, but all in a fun way!

Lana apparently spends most of her working hours making elaborate art wigs (not all of them are "Hairplanes"), which I will absolutely have to have the next time I go to Burning Man!

The talent doesn't stop there though: Ms. Guerra also performs in a circus, DJ's, plays in a band, and makes life-sized puppets, doll sculptures and plush, clothing (now I want a pair of stripey bloomers!), marionettes, and probably lots more things I don't even know about. Check out her many websites for more info!


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