August 1, 2008


I discovered Spoonflower through a Twitter link a while back, and had to see what the cool name had behind it. Spoonflower is an amazing custom fabric printing site, still in the beta stages. Sign up on their waiting list, then wait for your invitation email (which only took a week or two) then start printing!

I still don't even know what I should do with custom fabric, but it's such an amazing idea! The Spoonflower blog has a ton of inspiring videos of the fabrics they've printed for their customers. I like watching the (intentionally low-res) videos to get inspiration!

One of the awesomest things about Spoonflower is that they intend to open an online marketplace for you to sell your custom-made fabrics! You'd just have to upload your original designs, and then sit back while the throngs of fabric shoppers threw their money at you via the Spoonflower site. Or at least, that's how I'd like to imagine it... :)

I thought that custom printed fabric would be prohibitively expensive, but it seems completely reasonable! Here's the pricing info, directly from their website:

This is of course the MOST-asked question. Below is the pricing for fabric during the beta period, and it applies only to the Kona® cotton from Robert Kaufman. We may adjust these numbers at a later date and pricing will certainly vary between products as we endeavor to introduce additional fabric options.

Swatch (8" x 8") $5.00
Fat quarter (21" x 18") $11.00
1 yard (42" x 36") $18.00
2 yards (42" x 72") $36.00
3 yards (42" x 108") $54.00
4 yards (42" x 144") $72.00
5 yards (42" x 180") $90.00


sarahelizabeth August 1, 2008 at 1:31 PM  

Wow that's amazing! I will definitely have to try that out.

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