April 3, 2010

Vacations Make the Mind Grow Stronger

Sean and I took a spontaneous vacation last week, to visit family in Nevada. It's about a 17 hour drive down there, so we turned our escape into an excuse for a roadtrip. So much more fun than flying!

It was just a couple days of hanging out, reading books and relaxing. Exactly what I needed! We saw so many different landscapes and weather patterns along the way, that it really felt like we'd left our busy lives behind for awhile.

I keep trying to take at least one full day off from work every week, but it's nearly impossible. There's always some project that I decide to work on, and before I know it, the day's over. No matter how much work needs to get done, there's nothing more rejuvenating than a serious break. I'll have to keep reminding myself of that, as time goes on.

I had time to draw in my sketchbook, (which hasn't happened in ages!) and I'm already working on some new designs for summer. I've got a T-Rex design in the works, and I'm considering adding another dinosaur to keep him company. Any favorites I should consider? I'm thinking of something really iconic, like a stegosaurus, or triceratops. I'm also working on a cat design, since they're basically the best pets in the world (if you disagree, then I'm sorry to say that you are just WRONG). Mr. Kitty might end up looking very distinguished with a top hat and mustache.... I've also got a top-secret steampunk idea that is being developed. Stay tuned!

You can see more photos from our journey on our Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/breadnbadger/ (or just click one of the photos above). We went to Red Rock Canyon, and saw snow in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. There were lots of tumbleweeds.


Unknown April 6, 2010 at 4:30 PM  

Yay for crazy Alien Jerky sign. I've been driving by that thing for years when taking trip to CA, yet I still haven't stopped...one day...one day.

I hope you had fun in my hometown :)

Amanda April 6, 2010 at 4:48 PM  

We drove by it twice, but still couldn't find where the alien jerky is! It must be on another part of the highway than we were taking...? There wasn't an arrow or anything, but it looks like there might be a website.

I won't be moving to Vegas any time soon, but I did have a good time. The weather was a nice break from all our rain!

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