September 14, 2009

Cicada Jewelry by KimiDukes

Where I grew up, we had a lot of cicadas in the summer. Their unmistakable buzzing was intrinsically linked with the sticky, humid New England weather. I used to patrol our backyard, searching for their creepy brown skins, which were always attached to our split-rail fence. I don't know why they fascinated me so much, but I've never quite gotten over it.

When I was at Crafty Wonderland recently, I discovered the amazing natural history style jewelry of local Portland designer, KimiDukes. Her deceptively simple pieces incorporate all kinds of hidden treasures: cast resin cicada bodies, tiny bird skulls and bones, shiny beetle wings, dried seeds and other lovelies. The bold colors of the resin contrast perfectly with the earthy pods. These beautiful accessories brought back all the wonder and joy of discovering little pieces of nature from my childhood!


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