October 26, 2008

New Studio!

Last Friday, I got a shipment at my (nearly empty) studio but I didn't realize until Saturday when I came back to unpack it that it was the rest of the equipment I've been waiting for! Sean and I spent the evening assembling all the shiny new stuff while a costume party went on around us in the building.

The party was actually great, since there was live music to rock out to while we worked, and friendly art fans kept wandering over to my open door to say hi and bring us free beer. I never expected to have this much fun while putting together sandblasting equipment!

The cabinet was a bit tricky, and involved some creative removal of silicone with a box cutter, but it was a great experience overall. Afterward, we hung out on a couch by the revelers, finishing our beers, eating cupcakes, and watching the nude jack-o-lantern-head dancers pass by. Did I mention I love my new studio?

(There are a couple photos of the space up on Flickr.)


LeaKarts October 27, 2008 at 3:21 PM  

Yay! It sounds awesome :)

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